Tire Review and Openbay: AI, Machine Learning & Online Chat Platforms

What Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Can Bring to a Shop’s Digital Presence, and How Online Chat Platforms Can Benefit Tire Dealers and Automotive Service Businesses

Openbay founder and CEO, Rob Infantino, met with Tire Review’s Madeleine Winer for a podcast conversation about artificial intelligence and machine learning in the automotive industry. They also discuss how advanced online chat platforms like Openbay Otis can benefit tire and automotive service businesses.

Listen to the complete podcast discussion here.

During the podcast, Rob and Madeleine discuss why an online chat platform is needed now (00:31). Rob explains how AI-powered Otis works (2:03) and introduces Otis’ exclusive built-in tire fitment catalog (6:34). Rob reviews the differences between live chat, chatbots, and advanced online chat platforms (7:54). Then, Rob and Madeleine how online chat platforms help a tire dealer’s business now and in the future (11:47).

“Your business has to be able to communicate with Millennial and Gen Z consumers the way they want … if you can do that, you’re ahead of your competition,” Rob Infantino, founder and CEO of Openbay

Finally, Rob and Madeleine conclude the conversation with Rob’s outlook for the automotive industry this summer as the country recovers from COVID-19 (17:22).

Listen to the full podcast here.



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