‘Otis Creates a Personalized Experience’: How Hogan Tire & Auto Service Serves Today’s Digital Consumers Using Advanced Online Chat for Automotive Service Businesses — Openbay Overdrive

Priority Business Need: An Online Upgrade

Recently, Ed and the Hogan Tire team started a project to improve their online business. Ed explains, “At Hogan Tire we’re always trying to upgrade how we do business. We know our customers are online more than ever. This is especially true as the Millennial generation has grown, and even more so since COVID.” Data supports Ed’s point. According to census.gov, the US consumer spent 36.7% more onlinein Q3 2020 vs Q3 2019. There are more digital consumers than ever before.

Creating A Personalized Service Experience Using Advanced Online Chat

Ed installed Openbay Otis on the Hogan Tire & Auto Service website that is powered by NetDriven. For Ed, Otis helps Hogan Tire meet the needs of today’s digital consumers.”Otis makes it possible for us to deliver a personalized online service experience through conversations. With Otis, a new or returning customer can go online, engage in an intelligent two-way chat, receive a custom estimate, and book the appointment — all on the spot, 24/7.”

Growing Service Bookings Through Openbay Otis

Otis is delivering results for Hogan Tire. “We see a big impact from Otis,” says Ed. “Appointments booked online have more than doubled with Otis in place because Otis makes scheduling easier than ever for our customers. Using Otis, our online customers can take action on their own schedule at any time, pick the time that works best for them, and get an instant confirmation.”

Positioning Hogan Tire For Success With Digital Consumers

Ed offers advice to other automotive tire and service business leaders who are evaluating solutions to accelerate their digital growth. “Otis is truly unique. Otis advanced online chat is the only tool that engages website visitors in personalized conversations. And it delivers custom automotive service quotes and schedules service appointments instantly and automatically. In fact, Otis is so valuable we consider it an additional online salesperson that can assist the customer for us, 24/7, automatically. Otis is always closing for us.”



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