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Hogan Tire & Auto Service is a third-generation family-owned tire and auto service business in the greater Boston area. Founder Thomas E. Hogan started the company in 1915 when the automotive service industry was just beginning. Hogan Tire & Auto Service has been in continuous operation for over a century through a winning formula of superior tire and automotive repair combined with customer service excellence. Innovation has played a key part in Hogan Tire’s lasting success. What began as a special skill to provide high-quality automotive service to the nation’s first automobile owners has, over the decades, transformed into an ability to adapt to meet the automotive service needs of each generation.

Today Hogan Tire is a successful eight location operation led by owners — and brothers — Ed, Tom, and Bill Hogan. Ed and his brothers proudly continue the tradition started by their grandfather. They ensure Hogan Tire provides each customer with a personalized service experience backed by the latest technical expertise, equipment, and training. To do this, they follow the example set by their father and grandfather: “Never be afraid to try something new to meet the needs of our customers.”

Priority Business Need: An Online Upgrade

Their first step to updating the Hogan Tire online business was to add TireConnect. Once in place, Ed sought out a software solution that integrated with TireConnect to give his customers the modern service experience they expect. “Once TireConnect launched, we discovered we needed to take the Hogan Tire digital service experience to the next level. Online forms were not measuring up,” shares Ed.

Ed’s research led him to Openbay Otis, the advanced online chat and messaging platform designed specifically for the automotive service industry. Otis installs on a business website and appears like a button, but jumps into action to gain the attention of the website visitor. Otis is available to quickly answer questions and deliver the information they are seeking in a chat-like format. It operates 24/7. It performs tasks such as appointment setting, delivers service estimates, and responds to questions about the business.

Otis, powered by AI (artificial intelligence), supports single-location businesses in addition to service centers having multiple locations. Additionally, Otis includes a tire catalog, able to retrieve tire pricing and availability information, and book installation service appointments. All within chat, in real-time.

Creating A Personalized Service Experience Using Advanced Online Chat

In addition, Ed found Otis ability to integrate with Hogan Tire’s other software solutions leads to better end-to-end experience for digital consumers. “Otis synchronizes with our other systems to create a connected online customer experience. When a consumer engages with Otis, the information is sent automatically in our POS system and to MyShopManager which automatically issues an appointment reminder. This lets us give our customers seamless service that is instant and tailored to their specifications.”

Ed adds that Otis’ ability to work with TireConnect and MyShopManager helps the Hogan Tire team operate efficiently. “Everything is tied together without human involvement. The process operates automatically, and our team can access the information and connect with a customer whenever we want to.”

Growing Service Bookings Through Openbay Otis

Ed expands on Otis’ positive business impact. “Otis helps us provide even better customer service because it creates an online experience that new and returning customers are familiar with. Plus, the fact that a customer can pick the time that works for them and then get a confirmation quickly gives them the confidence in doing business with us. And, finally, Otis captures customer information in advance to help our team prepare for a more personalized in-person service visit.”

Hogan Tire clients also give Otis high ratings, states Ed. “Customers truly value the customer service experience Otis offers. For example, we just received a 5-star customer review on our website because Otis made scheduling ‘accommodating’ for them.”

Positioning Hogan Tire For Success With Digital Consumers

Ed shares his final thoughts on the benefits Otis brings to Hogan Tire: “We’ve been in business for over 100 years because we keep changing with the times. Adopting innovative Openbay Otis positions our business for success with today’s consumers. Otis is worth the look to see what it can do for your business.”

To learn how Want to learn more about advanced online chat? This article from Openbay founder and CEO Rob Infantino explains the benefits of the latest chat technologies. Or, to Rob discuss online chat platforms with Tire Review Managing Editor Madeline Winer. Openbay Otis can engage digital consumers, create efficient operations, and elevate the customer service experience, contact Openbay today.

Originally published at https://blog.openbay.com on January 11, 2021.

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