Organic Mechanics: How to Approach Car Repair with a Conscience

Floors to Ceilings

Going green starts with a bottom-up approach. Auto repair can get messy, there’s no doubt about that. Dripping fluids will inevitably end up on the shop’s floor, and those fluids can be dangerous if they end up underground. Consider sealing your shop’s floor with an impervious material, like an industrial acrylic floor system, to prevent any spills from soaking into concrete and ending up in the ground.

From Hazmat to Ecomat

Dangerous chemicals and solvents are used every day in auto repair. The first (and easiest) eco-friendly change is to buy all products in bulkto reduce packaging and plastic use. Take it to the next level by stocking up on ‘Environmentally Preferred’ motor oil choices, such as re-refined/recycled (reusable, moderate degree of toxicity) and bio-based (renewable, insignificant degree of toxicity). Promote these green solutions to oil change customers who might think that conventional and full synthetic motor oil are the only options available.

Practice Ethical Disposal

Chemicals come with the territory in auto repair: brake cleaner, carburetor cleaner, gasket remover, parts cleaner, motor oil, transmission fluid, gear oil, grease, gasoline, starting fluid, acetylene and propane to name a few.

Go Digital

Digital onboarding, digital vehicle inspections, digital service estimates, digital AI-powered communication with customers; these options are all within your reach. Receipts, invoices, estimates, inspections can all be delivered via email and text. Say goodbye to overflowing stacks of paperwork and hello to easier record-keeping, and saving some trees along the way.

Preach What You Practice

Now that your shop is going green, encourage your customers to do the same. Offering tips and tricks earns their loyalty and trust. Go the extra mile share these eco-friendly driving and maintenance practices:

Check Out these Go-Green, Future-Proofed Auto Repair Shops

Openbay is proud of our expansive network of automotive service businesses. We make it our mission to connect vehicle owners with the highest caliber mechanics. Here are two shops in the Openbay network that are an inspiration to other shops looking to go green:

Diamond Discount Automotive Service & Tire in Waltham, MA

If you are looking for eco-friendly auto repair in the Northeast, the team at Diamond Discount Automotive Service & Tire has your back. They use low-VOC chemicals and make sure to clean up with biodegradable cleaners.

Shadetree Automotive in Layton, UT

The team at Shadetree Automotive is working hard to be eco-friendly. Every day, they make more strides to being an organic mechanic.

Find a Mechanic or Join the Openbay Network

Openbay makes auto repair easier than ever for mechanics and customers alike. Sign up is free for vehicle owners and service providers. Within a few clicks, we’ll connect you with new customers to fill your open bays or your new favorite mechanic.



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