Openbay Marketplace Expands its Network of Automotive Service Locations With The Addition of Used-Car Dealership and Franchise System Byrider

Openbay welcomes Byrider automotive service departments to its award-winning automotive services marketplace. Byrider is America’s largest buy-here-pay here used car dealership and franchise systems with more than 140 locations. By partnering with Openbay, Byrider joins the nation’s largest online consumer platform for automotive services.

Byrider expands its online presence and reach to vehicle owners and owners of business fleets in need of automotive maintenance and repair by joining the Openbay platform. Automotive services can now be booked with Byrider quickly and easily through Openbay.

Consumers today are all about speed, convenience and quality of service. Openbay delivers on all fronts by expanding its nationwide network of trusted automotive service brands to better serve the growing needs of consumers and business fleets.

Vehicle owner and owners of business fleet vehicles benefit by using Openbay:

  • The ability to quickly and conveniently find and book reliable auto repair and maintenance services
  • Access to a wide range of types and brands of service centers (including dealership service centers, such as Byrider). All service centers are individually vetted and trained by Openbay staff.
  • Receive upfront price estimates for common and complex automotive services
  • Service center proximity, customer ratings and reviews, pricing information, and amenities are presented to users so they can make informed decisions

By partnering with Openbay, Byrider is able to:

  • Access an exclusive program — limited to only a few businesses in each area
  • Participate in a new digital customer acquisition platform, gaining access to an unlimited number of consumers having an immediate need for service
  • Have appointments automatically delivered to them by Openbay
  • Instantly have their brand presented to consumers that match their need for select services

Byrider is also now part of a new and exciting soon-to-be announced program called Openbay+. Openbay+ is invite-only and provides many benefits when compared to the existing Openbay marketplace.

About Byrider:

Byrider, America’s largest buy-here-pay-here used car dealership and franchise systems, has sold more than 1.34 million cars at more than 140 locations across the country. Founded in 1989 as J.D. Byrider, the company recently rebranded and changed its name to Byrider. As part of its commitment to customer service, Byrider offers high-quality autos, trucks, and SUVs with on-site financing and features optional company warranties or service plans with vehicles sold. Each Byrider store features a state-of-the-art service department offering low-cost maintenance. Consumers who have been turned down for traditional bank financing are often able to “Buy, Finance and Drive On” at

To read car care tips or want to learn more about Openbay, please visit the Openbay blog.




Online automotive repair and maintenance service marketplace; receive multiple competitive price estimates, book your appointment, history saved online.

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Online automotive repair and maintenance service marketplace; receive multiple competitive price estimates, book your appointment, history saved online.

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