Openbay Expands Coverage in 30 U.S. Markets for its Automotive Services Marketplace with the Addition of Mobile Car Care Service Spiffy

Openbay is getting bigger and better as it welcomes mobile on-demand vehicle care and maintenance brand, Spiffy, to its award-winning automotive services marketplace. As Openbay moves quickly to make its marketplace available to millions of vehicle owners and corporate accounts, Spiffy adds to the expansion in 30 key U.S. markets.

Spiffy is rapidly expanding its footprint across the U.S., and new cities, both corporate and franchise, will also add to the Openbay marketplace.

● The ability to quickly and conveniently find and book reliable auto repair and maintenance services
● Access to a wide range of types and brands of service centers (including mobile maintenance, like Spiffy) that have been individually vetted by Openbay
● Receive upfront price estimates for common and complex services
● Sort on local automotive service providers based on location, reviews, pricing information and amenities all from a computer or smartphone.

● Access an exclusive program — limited to only a few businesses in each area
● Participate in a new digital customer acquisition platform, gaining access to an unlimited number of consumers having an immediate need for vehicle cleaning and maintenance services
● Have appointments automatically delivered to them by Openbay
● Instantly have their brand presented to consumers that match their need for select service.

Spiffy® ( is an on-demand technology and services company with the mission to disrupt the car care experience everywhere. Available in over 30 markets, Spiffy offers a variety of zero-contact hand car washing, advanced detailing, and disinfection services, in addition to oil change, tires, repairs, and other preventative maintenance service options. Every service is conveniently performed on-site at fleets, office parks, and residences using the Spiffy GreenTM system.

To learn more or have questions about Openbay, reach out to an Openbay representative via email at or by calling (617) 402–5282.

Original post on Openbay blog.



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