News: Openbay+ Now Available to Lyft Drivers — Provides More Cost Savings on Auto Repair and Maintenance Services

New Openbay subscription service, Openbay+ helps Lyft drivers increase net earnings with cost savings on automotive services.

An ongoing balancing act Lyft drivers face each day transporting passengers to their destination is to increase their net earnings while keeping operational costs down. Obviously more hours during busy times and more rides in close proximity will contribute to an increase in earnings, but the cost of operating their ride has a profound impact on net earnings.

There are many online articles about vehicle operating costs. Some costs are front-and-center such as gas, insurance, car/lease payments, and general maintenance. All of the aforementioned costs incurred are the responsibility of the Lyft driver. But what is not-so-obvious are the unexpected events that occur later on in the vehicle’s lifecycle. In particular, vehicle repair and maintenance costs. Costs in this category start out low and gradually increase over time. Total miles driven, age of the vehicle, outside conditions, and driving behavior all have an impact on and contribute to an increase in operational costs. Over time or depending on the condition of the vehicle, these costs have a significant impact on Lyft driver net earnings.

After a vehicle exits its manufacturer’s warranty (typically 4 years in age), the vehicle is now classified as an aftermarket vehicle*. Aftermarket vehicles represent approximately 80% of the total vehicles in operation on U.S. roads. However, this category of vehicle generates an estimated 96% of aftermarket products and service volume (not including Accessories and Tires)*, which is in the billons of dollars, annually.

This market datapoint is real and should send a clear signal to Lyft drivers that they cannot ignore the possibility of repair and maintenance costs impacting their net earning.

What choices does a Lyft driver have to reduce costs for vehicle maintenance and repair?

The answer is Openbay’s new subscription program, Openbay+.

Openbay+ combines pre-negotiated discounted pricing for all automotive services with a curated nationwide network of automotive service professionals that deliver quality service. Combined with Openbay+’s technology, Lyft drivers can achieve significant cost savings on automotive services, thereby increasing their net earnings.

Additional benefits of Openbay+ include taking the friction out of finding and booking service. Openbay+ will match a Lyft driver with a professional that can provide the service for their year-make-model vehicle. Openbay+ delivers multiple competitive price estimates upfront for a driver to select from. Drivers can book a service appointment online right from their mobile device. The entire end-to-end process for servicing a vehicle, cost-effectively is now easy and frictionless with Openbay+.

What’s New

A banner to opt-in to the Openbay+ program is present on all Lyft driver accounts not already on Openbay+.

An explanation of the Openbay+ program is provided to Lyft drivers prior to signing on. Key updates to Openbay+ are significant savings for automotive services up to 25%, no credit card required to enroll in the program, expanded coverage areas throughout the U.S., and the removal of the online payment method (e.g. credit card) to book service. An effortless process.

The updated Lyft driver dashboard contains a search-like field to select from 1,000s of services. Common services are available front and center to facilitate the service selection process. Not sure what service to select? Not a problem. Openbay+ offers a wizard-like workflow to describe the problem.

The Openbay+ user interface displays upfront pricing to include retail price, discounted price, and savings (displayed in dollar amounts). Shop amenities are on display for each shop that delivers a price estimate. Lyft drivers may be seeking certain amenities that meet their needs to get back on the road quickly.

Lyft drivers can sort on customer ratings / reviews, distance, and price to find the service center that best meets their needs. Most favorable selection is distance.

Lyft drivers are able to learn more about a price estimate by viewing the details. Here a Lyft driver can view line items on the estimate, read ratings and reviews by customers that actually had their vehicle serviced by the respective service center, hours of operation, amenities, certifications and more.

Booking a service appointment is a few clicks — select a date and time for service.

Service appointment confirmed. Notification of the booking sent directly to the service center selected.

Final Thoughts

An increase in earnings combined with cost savings is undeniably important to all Lyft drivers.

Lyft drivers need to better understand and implement ways to reduce vehicle operational costs. In doing so, net earning will noticeably improve along with the safety and health of their vehicle and its passengers. The saying goes, “a well maintained vehicle is a safe vehicle”.

New Lyft drivers not yet subscribed to Openbay or Openbay+ can learn more here.

Lyft drivers with an account on Openbay, can sign in here.

* Source: Lang Marketing



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