Maintaining your vehicle’s battery is important especially during winter months — what to do about it

That large and heavy rectangular looking black box under the hood of your vehicle or in your truck is the battery. There might be other places vehicle manufacturers place the battery, but in the majority of cases it’s under the hood.

The battery serves two primary purposes. First, it is the primary source of power to start your gas-powered vehicle. It does this by delivering a sudden burst of power to the vehicle’s starter and by delivering power to the ignition system. The starter is a vital component of the engine that initiates the engine flywheel putting the engine in motion — essentially starting the motor.

The second job of the battery is to manage voltage throughout the vehicle’s electrical system. It evens out voltage generated by the vehicle’s electrical system preventing spikes that may cause damage to other vehicle components.

Here are articles on how to maintain your vehicle battery and in the unfortunate event of a dead battery, tips on what to do.

How to Keep Your Battery Charged, Especially During Cold Weather

Preventive measures to keep your battery charged when you’re not frequently using your car or during cold weather months (link to article)

Steps You Should Take Now to Avoid a Dead Car Battery Come Colder Temperatures

If you want to avoid adding your name to your local repair shop’s roster of emergency calls, be proactive and get your battery checked out by a professional before the cold weather strikes. (link to article)

Six Ways to Extend Your Car Battery Life

A few simple things may allow you to extend your car battery life considerably (link to article)

Tips to help winterize your car battery

Many helpful tips to help you winterize your car battery (link to article)

Car Battery Dead: What to Do When Your Battery Dies

Well…. if this is what happened, helpful tips on what to do next. Car batteries always die at the wrong time. Not that there’s necessarily any good time for a battery to give up. But you usually only discover it’s dead when you’re in a rush to get somewhere and your engine won’t turn over. What should you do? You just might find a quick solution that’ll get you back on the road in short time. (link to article)

Whatever your vehicle needs are, please give Openbay a try. Openbay is an automotive services marketplace to help with repair and maintenance needs.

To read more car care tips or want to learn more about Openbay, please visit the Openbay blog.




Online automotive repair and maintenance service marketplace; receive multiple competitive price estimates, book your appointment, history saved online.

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Online automotive repair and maintenance service marketplace; receive multiple competitive price estimates, book your appointment, history saved online.

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