How Piercey Honda Turns Online Visitors into Customers One Conversation at a Time

Piercey Honda is a San Francisco Bay Area Honda Dealership located in Milpitas, CA, and part of the industry-leading Piercey Automotive Group. The Piercey team believes in delivering customer service excellence and knows that today’s online consumers are highly educated, transformed by ‘digital first’ Millennials entering the automotive dealership service market. Piercey Honda wanted to make it easy for new and prospective online visitors to spend less time searching for service, and more time on the road enjoying their Honda vehicles.

It’s 2019, and Piercey Honda’s team knew consumer automotive service habits were changing. Visitors to their site were comparing prices and looking for service information. However, they discovered a website alone wasn’t enough. They needed a way to connect with their online visitors and convert them into customers. Research supports their findings: 53% of online consumers will abandon a website if they can’t find a quick answer to their question.

AI-powered Conversations that Connect and Convert

Fixed Operations Director Kevin Bettencourt is a lot like his customers: he does his research. He’s also obsessed about Piercey’s customers and, therefore, is always on the lookout for new ways to improve their experience.

Kevin heard about Openbay through State Farm. He decided to investigate. “I’m a State Farm customer, and when I got an email, it got me digging into Openbay,” Kevin explains, “We were interested in exposing our dealership to a new group of customers. Plus, in today’s world, customer information helps us serve our customers better when they arrive at the dealership. Openbay’s Otis messaging platform seemed like a great fit.”

Openbay Otis is an artificial intelligence (AI) powered messaging platform that engages website visitors in a conversation. Otis allows website visitors the ability to instantly receive service estimates, book appointments, or contact your service department directly. Piercey installed Otis on their website and soon discovered Otis’ conversations helped conversion. “Our online visitors have real questions, and Otis helps us give them real answers — instantly and 24/7,” says Kevin. “Otis helps us deliver exceptional service to returning customers by making it easy for them to schedule appointments, get personalized service estimates and ask questions online, at their convenience.”

A No Brainer Way to Grow

The result? Piercey experienced growth in several key customer metrics, including new appointments scheduled, service estimates delivered, and new contacts made. “Otis helps us bring customers into our dealership that we wouldn’t have otherwise,” adds Kevin. “The service revenue we get through scheduled appointments and quotes delivered makes the price point for the product a no brainer.”

Piercey Honda’s Words of Wisdom to Dealers

Kevin suggests: “Give the trial a try. It quickly showed its benefit to us. In fact, we’re so happy with the product, we recommend it to others.”

Piercey Honda by the Numbers

On average, each month Openbay Otis:

  • Participates in 178 conversations with online visitors
  • Schedules 44 appointments for new customers
  • Delivers 30 service estimates to potential customers
  • Engages with 64 new contacts


Originally published at on September 25, 2019.



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