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How do you make a multi-award winning automotive service business even better? By improving the way it interacts with people online and through its website. The team at Aspen Auto Clinic turned to Openbay Otis, an advanced online chat platform for automotive service business websites. Otis instantly engages website visitors in 2-way chat-like conversations. Otis understands what it is being asked and responds with relevant, personalized information. It operates in real-time, automatically, and 24/7.

Aspen Auto Clinic is a five location full-service maintenance and repair automotive service business specializing in domestic and European vehicles located on the front range of Colorado. They are the premier state-of-the-art automotive repair company in the area and achieving this milestone was no accident. Aspen Auto Clinic founder and owner Greg Bunch is renowned in the industry for his talent and passion for delivering an award-winning automotive experience for his clients. In fact, Greg Bunch’s success leading his own automotive service business led him to found the Transformers Institute, a company dedicated to training and coaching others in the automotive industry on being the best.

Exceeding Customer Expectations is More Important Than Ever

The entire Aspen Auto Clinic team is trained to deliver the highest-quality customer experiences. Research backs up their success formula.

A recent Salesforce study shows exceeding customer expectations is more important than ever. The majority (76%) of respondents stated they expect companies to understand their needs and expectations. Additionally, the study revealed that customers increasingly seek immediate, responsive service with 64% of respondents calling for businesses to interact with them in real-time.

Leveraging Technology to Scale Automotive Service Business

Kevin Kennedy, Director of Marketing and Technology for Aspen Auto Clinic, looks to grow car count and revenue for his business by leveraging state-of-the-art technology. This approach lends itself to scalability. Kevin discovered Openbay Otis and immediately started testing its capabilities on the Aspen Auto Clinic website. During his testing, he worked closely with the Openbay product team, making suggestions throughout the trial period. The Openbay team responded to Kevin’s suggestions with product changes that are now in production.

Visitors, prospects, and customers of Aspen Auto Clinic now have around the clock access to information delivered by Otis on Aspen’s website. Otis responds with personalized and unique information and delivers it via a messaging platform that is familiar to most mobile phone users.

In Kevin’s view, “Our customers should have exactly the same experience online when they call and speak with our well-trained team or in our shop. Otis lets us do this.” Kevin points out that “people go to our website for pricing, location/hours, appointments, and a lot more. Otis helps us get them the information they need, instantly, with the same high-quality customer service they expect from us.”

Elevating the Customer Experience

Kevin offers advice to other automotive service leaders considering ways to improve their customer service and online experiences. “I was initially interested in Otis for the value of having a virtual service advisor,” Kevin concludes. “We installed Otis and discovered it was that — and so much more. Otis gives customers responsive, personalized online interactions that elevate the complete customer experience, and strengthen our business. You have to give it a try.”

Learn more about the benefits of online chat platforms and Openbay Otis here. To find out how Otis can help your tire and automotive service business grow, contact Openbay today.

Originally published at on June 22, 2020.



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