Artificial Intelligence Is Proven to Improve Your Automotive Service Business: Here’s Why

AI-driven applications are transforming the way automotive service businesses engage with online consumers. Forward thinking businesses having deployed AI are realizing an increase in service revenue as a result. Here’s why:

It’s official: artificial intelligence (AI) based applications are here to stay. It’s time to focus on the right applications that are proven to help grow your service business.

This means moving away from traditional customer acquisition methods and embracing a new wave of technology better equipped to meet the needs of the modern-day consumer. AI-powered digital tools are able to take action in real-time, regardless of operating hours, when consumers are engaging with businesses online, whether it’s via desktop, tablet or mobile device. These digital consumers strive to get personalized information to meet their individual needs, and they expect it without any delays.

How can your service business embrace the revenue-generating power of AI? All it takes is a quick and easy installation of the industry’s first virtual service advisor on your business website.

When it comes to artificial intelligence, one size does fit all. AI can be incorporated into the strategies of small and large businesses alike. Whether it’s a single location independent repair shop, a multi-location operation, a large regional business or even a national chain, AI will contribute to increased service revenue by turning online visitors into paying customers.

Not convinced that AI will contribute to tangible growth for your service business? According to a study from Forrester Consulting, 76% of businesses who incorporated artificial intelligence into their customer experience reported higher revenue growth over the last 12 months versus the previous 12 months.

How to Enhance the Customer Experience with Artificial Intelligence

In addition to profitability, customer satisfaction is a top priority for most companies, particularly in the automotive service industry. From start to finish, you want the customer journey to be seamless in order to convert website visitors into lifelong customers. It’s becoming more of a challenge for businesses across all industries as the number of customer touch points continues to expand (text, phone, email, social media, forums, website). It’s hard enough to attract customers, but even harder to deliver an exceptional customer experience if you don’t have the right online digital tools.

First impressions are everything. That’s why it’s important to introduce your service business to online visitors with an exceptional web experience. Adding the right online digital tools requires strategic thinking and a deep understanding of your customer. But success doesn’t just come from knowing your audience. It’s about knowing what your audience is struggling with, what they want to learn more of and what they really need. Let’s apply this to the automotive service industry:

What do auto repair customers struggle with? Getting information that is personalized and relevant to their needs, rather than generic, formulaic responses.

What do auto repair customers want to learn more of? We surveyed over 700 users who booked an automotive service, requested a quote or asked a question using an AI-powered virtual service advisor, Openbay Otis, on an auto repair shop’s website. When asked, “What is the primary benefit you received from using Otis?”, here’s a breakdown of their task-oriented responses:

Legend Notes: Ask Basic Questions: Business hours, contact information, if the shop performs the service needed, if the shop can service their specific type of vehicle

What do auto repair customers really need? When we asked the 700+ AI-powered Otis users, “What is the primary benefit you received from using Otis?”, here’s a breakdown of their preference-oriented responses:

Legend Notes:

  • Efficiency: Time saved, ease of use, instantaneous response
  • On Their Schedule: Ability to multitask, 24/7 access, available on weekends and after-hours

Further proof:

  • 52% of US adults will likely abandon an online purchases if they can’t find quick answers to their questions.
  • More than 30% of auto repair customers engaging with Openbay’s AI-powered conversational tool occurs outside of normal hours of operation.
  • By 2020, 85% of consumers will engage with a business without interacting with another human being.
  • Millennials are your largest pool of potential customers, and 75% of millennials prefer texting over talking on the phone.

Automation and artificial intelligence offer the solution to help your business give the customers what they want, when they want it.

A Win-Win for Your Business and Your Customers

Numbers don’t lie. In just 90 days, the team at Hollenshade’s Auto Service saved nearly 17 hours of their time by adding a virtual service advisor driven by artificial intelligence technology to their website. Why is that? Because their new AI-powered online digital tool, Openbay Otis, which is tailored specifically to the automotive service industry, automates time-consuming tasks. Rather than employees taking time out of their busy schedules to create personalized service quotes, book appointments or answer basic questions about the business, Otis handles it all for them. Plus, Otis works around the clock.

Before Hollenshade’s installed the AI-powered Openbay Otis to their website, the team was burning half of their time simply seeking the additional information they needed to fulfill a customer’s request. Now, “one of the greatest efficiency gains Otis provides is reducing the amount of back-and-forth conversations with customers. Phone calls result in a quality engagement with the customer but are very time consuming. Otis provides a similarly high-quality interaction DIGITALLY between consumers and the auto shop’s brand,” says Tim Hollenshade Jr.

Hollenshade’s new AI-driven tool not only saved them a significant amount of time, but it also led to a quick positive return on investment (ROI). Their new automated tool started bringing in high intent, high quality leads without having to spend thousands of dollars on marketing. Within a few months, Hollenshade’s saw a 2x increase in closure rate. That’s because Otis was bringing in better leads and delivering an exceptional first impression of their customer experience. After just 2–3 completed services per month, Hollenshade’s saw that their new AI solution quickly paid for itself.

What Are Customers Saying about Artificially Intelligent Interactions?

We surveyed 850 users who booked an automotive service or requested a quote using Openbay Otis. Here’s what those users had to say about their experience engaging with Otis installed on an automotive services website:

Q: What is the primary benefit you received from our new online representative?

“I could do it at my convenience at any time.”
“Much faster to schedule appointment than calling! and very easy.”
“Time saver.”
“Natural like a conversation.”
“Instantaneous action.”
“Booking an appointment without playing phone tag.”
“The flow of the questions were intuitive and natural like a conversation.”

The Takeaways

We know that:

  • Modern-day customers prefer a digital experience rather than a phone call.
  • Quick answers around the clock are top priority.
  • Artificial intelligence is proven to contribute to revenue growth.
  • AI saves you time by automating time-consuming processes.
  • AI works 24/7.

What are you waiting for? Within 30 minutes, your new AI-powered virtual service advisor can be up and running, and engaging with customers in real-time. Schedule your free demo of Openbay Otis, the auto industry’s first AI-powered virtual service advisor, today:

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