7 Common Car Repair and Maintenance Services Requested On Openbay

The most common types of auto repair services requested on Openbay include:

  1. Oil changes: This service includes changing the oil and the oil filter in the vehicle.
  2. Brake repair and service: This service includes fixing or replacing brake pads, rotors, and other brake components.
  3. Tire repairs and replacements: This service includes fixing punctures, rotating tires, and replacing worn or damaged tires.
  4. Battery replacements: This service includes replacing the vehicle’s battery, which can lose its ability to hold a charge over time especially in colder climates.
  5. Engine repairs: This service can include a wide range of repairs, such as replacing or repairing engine components, such as the alternator, starter, sensors, or fuel injectors.
  6. Suspension repairs: This service includes fixing problems with the vehicle’s suspension system, such as worn or damaged shocks or struts.
  7. Transmission repairs: This service includes fixing problems with the vehicle’s transmission, such as replacing or repairing gears, or replacing transmission fluid.

Overall, regular car maintenance is important to ensure safety, reliability, longevity, performance and resale value of the car. It also helps to keep you and your family safe while travelling.

If you have a need for any type of auto repair or maintenance service, give Openbay a try. Openbay offers a subscription service called Openbay+ where discounts are applied to parts and labor.



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